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Managing your seafarers experiences

As a tax consultant for seafarers, your customer experience is not likely something you focus a lot of energy on. Taxes are, by and large, a more mundane and strictly business affair. However, seafaring tax consultants benefit from managing customer experiences the same as any other business. After all, the better the experience one captain has, the more likely they are to recommend a service to a fellow boating enthusiast. 

The experience your customer has working with your business is paramount to the long term success of your company. The number one reason someone will do business with your company over your competitors is the experience you provide them. Reports indicate that over the course of the next few years, this will become increasingly imperative for long term company success by the year 2020. 

Customer experience management is the key to ensuring your customers are happy with that experience. Customer experience management is what enables your company to truck, oversee, and organize each interaction between your customers and your company from beginning to end of the customer lifecycle. Doing so optimizes interactions based on the customer perspective so as to foster long term loyalty. 

Customer Experience

The concept of the customer experience may seem a bit too personal, or idealistic at best, but anyone who chooses to dismiss this growing trend will quickly become out of touch with business relationships. 

  • Customer experience has become a critical component in the hyper-connected and hyper-competitive modern marketplace. 
  • Managing your customer experience effectively can help strengthen your brand preference, boost revenue from existing customers and new sales, improve long term loyalty, and reduce costs by reducing customer turnover. 

Of course companies need a strategy to help them with this and preparing for relationship management requires many steps.  

Have the systems in place

A customer relationship management system is a requirement if you have any form of client-base or customer prospect list. A formal customer relationship management (CRM) system will help you to keep pace with the growth of your company and the available technology. 

With customer experience management, you need a comprehensive, 360 degree view of your customers, one which is updated regularly. You need to manage customer experiences with phone calls, live chats, website purchases, texts, and social media too. With more information to process than ever before, it is imperative that you integrate this data with existing customer account data. 

CRM platforms can help you bridge the gaps between your communication channels while helping to ease integration. These systems are important tools that help you provide better customer service. Agents can use the tools to look up information about previous customer interactions and previous products. They can then combine this with customer data or inventory information to give customers information on things like new products, their accounts, or inventory. 

Customer data analytics shows you how to market and sell to customers in a one-on-one fashion. Personalization strategies like location based services tell you where your customers are in real time so that you can give them pointed information. 

Understand your audience

You can do this with buyer personas. These are semi-fictional representations of the real people you want to target in business. Having a personality behind your targeted client takes your business tactics a step beyond demographic targeting and helps you reach out to real people. You need to know who your clients are, what they need, and how you can best connect with them. Narrowing your broad range of clients to those who benefit the most from your company helps everyone. Figure out who is worth targeting and how you can employ customer service or referral programs. 

Overall, customer experience is perhaps the most critical component to your long term success over the next few years. Ignore it or mismanage it, and your company will not live long enough to tell the tale. And once that is complete, and you have invested the time and effort into it, you can invest time and effort into online gambling. You can play top slots online, try low minimum bet card games, or live dealer games. Online casinos are also open all the time so you can try new games or old games whenever you want. Having trouble sleeping? Try some of your favorite games. Waiting for your taxi to show up? Play a hand or two. Sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for an appointment? Pass the time with a live dealer game. What’s more, these online casinos are incredibly easy to use. You can sign up, start your account, and start playing in minutes.