Pay Promise Not Today Maybe Tomorrow

TMT, the troubled Taiwan-based shipowner , says it will soon pay the crew of “A Whale”, a very large crude carrier anchored near Suez.

A spokesman for the company said that “this is an isolated incident due to a series of unforeseen events. TMT will pay the crew’s salary imminently and hopes that this will put an end to a situation which neither side wanted”.

The spokesman added: “The A Whale crew have done a fantastic job in what has been a difficult time in Suez and we are very grateful for their professionalism and co-operation.”

It remains to be seen whether this promise will be kept – especially as media reports state that the companies other vessels are struggling to find cargoes. It has been reported by Lloyd’s List that only one of their 18 VLCCs has a cargo – with such perilous operating conditions the status of the crew of “A Whale” in Suez has to remain in doubt.