Ships Running Away from Arrest

Second vessel has evaded arrest warrants issued by Maltese courts in the last few months.

On August 26, Madra, a 100-metre general cargo vessel registered in Belize, fled the waters of Malta to avoid arrest warrants over outstanding debts of more than €220,000. The master of the vessel simply switched off its AIS making the Madra unavailable to track. Malta’s navy (AFM) were unable to intercept the vessel, it lifted anchor and ran away heading to Beirut.

In April, the Maltese court issued an arrest warrant for the tanker MT Atlantik. It followed a request by Shannon, a Liberian-registered company. The tanker had been scheduled for overnight refuelling. The vessel was ordered to go off Mellieha to refuel but the master of the vessel did not obey, switched off the AIS and changed course. The patrol boat sent to intercept the vessel did not manage to reach the Atlantik and the tanker slipped out of Maltese territorial waters.