Tax Services for Overseas Workers and Ex pats

Seatax was formed in 1979 to deal exclusively with the laws affecting UK personnel working abroad. By enrolling with Seatax you are able to take advantage of our expertise in tax services for overseas workers and ex pats and so eliminate any future liability to UK tax.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who take up contracts of employment abroad take too literally the adverts which read “tax free salary”. The fact that a salary is paid in foreign currency, by a foreign company, into an overseas bank account, has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on your income tax liability. The only factor in determining liability to pay UK income tax is the amount of time that you spend in the UK. If liability arises, then tax is due on all your earnings regardless of whether they are banked or spent abroad.

If you are contemplating a return to work in the UK we will be able to advise you on any possible tax liability and bring you back into the system as smoothly as possible. It is a wise precaution to check the possibility of tax liability on a regular basis in case of an emergency forcing you to return to the UK unexpectedly.

If you wish to call in and discuss your tax situation with us please do so, you will be under no obligation, nor would there be an initial consultancy fee. However, if this would not be convenient we are experts in dealing with any problem of tax services for overseas workers and ex pats or handling your tax affairs on a correspondence basis. Hundreds of our clients have never stepped foot into our offices!

The fee we charge £225 is not a great sum for the peace of mind in knowing exactly how you stand with the H M Revenue & Customs. Initially we would require your dates in and out of the UK, and employment history since you started working abroad. With this information we would be able to determine if you have any liability to UK tax.

To re-cap, the service we provide comprises of the following:

  • Personal service on Non Residency
  • Completion and submission of your annual Income Tax Return

If you have any questions regarding your tax situation please do not hesitate to contact us. Any discussion or correspondence is treated in the strictest confidence. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.